Reorganisations deliver less value and more misery than they should. Fewer than one in six deliver the goals intended in the time planned. Companies often outsource the choice of their organisation to external consultants, but are left to deliver the design on their own without a process to follow. Executives find the process lengthy, time-consuming and stressful.

Stephen Heidari-Robinson and Suzanne Heywood founded Quartz Associates to solve this problem.

We make sure companies deliver more value and minimise disruption. We can help you in four ways:

1. We wrote the book on how to reorganise so we know how to plan and run the process

2. We have analysed 1,700 reorgs and understand which actions drive success vs failure, so we can help you set goals and measure progress

3. We train your people in how to deliver reorganisations better, now and in the future

4. Based on >25 years combined experience of reorgs, we can coach leaders on the difficult choices along the way

On average, reorganisations take 11 months to fully complete. They should take half the time.  But, in either case, your staff will do the majority of the work, even if you have engage a full-time consulting firm for the design. Quartz helps your staff to deliver throughout the entire process with focused support from a senior practitioner 1-2 days a week, when you need it, backed up by off-the-shelf surveys and tools.

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